Head Lice Home Remedies
Download 3 home remedies that actually work to kill head lice.

From: Betty Parsons
In Sunny California

Dear Friend,

Why don't the lice shampoos and treatments from the store work?  

If you’re like me, when your family got head lice, you went to the store and bought one of the treatments, followed the directions and found out two weeks later that the stuff didn’t work.

Then you probably went to the store again and got the other brand. That didn’t work either, did it?

And finally, you might have gone to your doctor who prescribed something that has the exact same pesticide ingredient as the over-the-counter stuff, just a higher strength.

And what happened?

Surprise, surprise, it didn’t work either, did it? So why don’t the lice treatments work?

Is it because you didn’t follow the directions? No.

Is it because the lice are becoming immune to the pesticide-based treatments? Probably yes.

Lice are becoming immune to the head lice treatments.

A team of doctors in England even did a test on this subject. They did a study with about 3,000 school children who were infested with head lice.

They treated them with the same pesticide-based treatments you probably used. Can you guess what happened?

In over 80% of the cases, the treatment didn’t work! So you are not alone. It’s not your fault. It’s the products they’re selling. They just don’t work anymore.

So what DOES work?

You just want to get rid of the nasty little bugs and get all the nits out of your kids’ heads so they can get back in school.

Well, after we went through the same thing with my grandkids that you are going through now, I got fed up!

I went and started looking online to find the answer. I spent hours and hours researching countless websites, reading blogs and scientific reports.

I even did experiments on different formulas with some of the local kids.

Three Home Remedies for Head Lice

After all my research and experiments, I have identified three home remedy treatments for head lice that work.

Two of the treatments you can do with things you might already have in your home. And one of the treatments might use some ingredients you can get at your local health food store.

The best thing about the treatments I have discovered is that all of them are safe. Did you ever do any research on the side effects of putting so much pesticide on your children’s heads? I did. It’s scary!

A Report of My Research

Anyway, to get to the point, I have created an electronic (downloadable) report that you can get with exact recipes, formulas and directions for the home treatments I have discovered that actually work. (And it’s not mayonnaise…that doesn’t work.)

In my report I give you a complete ingredient list for each formula along with step by step instructions on how to mix the formulas and then use them to kill head lice and remove nits.

Why I charge for my report...

I’m selling my report for $17 for a limited time. Here’s why I don’t just give it away for free.

If I just made a website and didn’t advertise it, no one would ever see it.

The information wouldn’t do anyone any good.

So I have to advertise my website for people to see it.

Advertising costs money.

For example, when you clicked on my Google Adwords ad, Google just charged me anywhere from $0.75 to $1.50 for that click.

With hundreds of people clicking my advertisement every day, you can imagine that my advertising bills get very large!

So I’m trying to at least not lose money on this project. That’s why I have the $17 price tag on my report. (By the way, if I start losing money, I’ll have to raise the price so if you’re interested, now would be a good time to buy it.)

I know it’s not fun to pay for information, but I’m sure you’ll agree that having this information will be worth the money once you are finally able to kill all the head lice in your household and remove all the nits from your hair.

So I’m not going to twist your arm or beg you to buy from me…I’ve got a great report (it isn’t glamorous, but the information is fantastic) that I feel is worth at LEAST $17.

Besides, $17 is CHEAP! You could spend that much on a pizza!


If you can't get rid of the lice by using the three home remedies in my report, the ebook company (QLF Publishing) will refund ALL of your money.

I spent over 150 hours researching online and testing and trying different formulas. If you want to spend that kind of time doing research yourself, be my guest. The information is out there and if you want to spend the time, you can save the $17.

But if you just want to have my report and save yourself the time and aggravation of doing all the research yourself, just click the Buy Now link below and you’ll get my report on your computer within the next few minutes.

If you would like to get it and start using the formulas and treatments I’ve discovered that really work within the next 5 minutes, click the Buy Now link below.


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I sincerely hope you use my report to get rid of head lice quickly and I hope you enjoy the Fast Mover Bonus Ebooks I have provided for you.


Betty Parsons

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P.P.S. When you click the Buy Now link above, you'll be taken to a SECURE SERVER for the Shopping Cart. What does that mean? It means that your transaction is completely safe and secure and that you'll be able to download your copy of my report within minutes from now without any worries.


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